Thursday, November 19, 2009

Book is almost here!

I've been working around the clock (literally) to complete the publication of my book, The Secret Peace. This has been a 3-and-a-half-year process, and a really crazy ride sometimes. I'm proud to say that it's nearly complete, and that the book should be available by the end of the year.

Here's some promo text from the back cover of the book. It's a highlight of the main theme of the book. What's fun are some of the top pieces of "good news" that are included:

Recession. Afghanistan. Global warming. There's no doubt that countless dire crises consume the world. And yet, positive change is also all around us, under the media’s radar. Here is evidence of history’s true trend: a convincing picture of declining war, advancing health, equal rights, revolutionary technology, and more, including the surprising reasons why peace is unfolding. This powerful shift in perspective—not trite “positive thinking” but a realistic look at a hidden truth—is needed now more than ever. The Secret Peace isn’t an excuse to pat ourselves on the back, but a powerful call to action to step up our efforts to spread peace to all corners of the earth.

Did you know?

The world’s nuclear weapons have decreased by almost 75%.

Global life expectancy is 68 years and rising fast.

40% of people in Africa now own a mobile phone.

The world’s literacy rate is 83%.

The number of people killed in wars has been dropping for decades.

And wait until you hear the rest of the good news ...