Thursday, August 28, 2014

Funny post #5: First World Problems

This post we're getting back to our series examining Secret Peace themes that appear hilariously in popular culture.

One of the most popular memes out there, that after years has shown no signs of fading, is "First World Problems". It's akin to a lot of the jokes that Louis C.K. makes, which I've pointed out here before. He calls them "White People Problems."

The theme also comes up many times, especially when young people get mocked for their lack of perspective:

And there have been several series done in which unintentionally selfish tweets are later combined with overly-dramatic stock photos:

But eventually the meme found its final form, with its now-famous photo of a woman crying:

To me, it's a sign that the world is in a great place when at least some people have the luxury of complaining about these trivial hardships. It's all relative: sure, a majority of the world's people are not this lucky, but in the past NO ONE was.

And since most of the memes now are made by the people experiencing the "problem" themselves, it's an even better sign that we're smart enough to mock ourselves for it. And hopefully, after meeting their initial goal of humor, the memes help us realize how lucky we are.

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