Thursday, April 1, 2010

Saved by the Bell: The Secret Peace years

I had the honor two days ago of being invited to speak at Princeton Day School to high school seniors about my book, careers and general life tidbits. They are in a class that is meant to get them thinking big-picture about their goals in life, including making a personal credo. So, they invite guest speakers in to talk about their own paths.

I focused on the message of The Secret Peace, which in a way is my own credo. I also talked about the process of publishing a book, and where creative industries are in general, since they're changing so much. Overall, I emphasized being flexible and how the careers they'll see in the future will be even more malleable and less linear than today's. After all, I'm now a Product Manager with Meetup - a job that didn't remotely exist when I was in high school.

I got to speak to about 100 kids, answered some good questions, and spoke with some really eager, dedicated students afterward as well. I want to thank Mrs. Walker (also my own teacher waaay back when) for hosting me - it was a blast!

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