Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanks to Classics Book Store!

My wife Rachel and I traveled down to NJ on Friday so I could do a book signing at Classics Book Store, on scenic Warren Street in Trenton. It was a beautiful day and we set up a table outside.

I sold a bunch of books, we got to chat with some passersby as well as some of our friends who stopped by, and perhaps coolest of all, Rachel handed out almost 300 Secret Peace bookmarks to people. (Turns out everyone walking by was super friendly and polite, and most of them took bookmarks. I guess they don't get as many people handing out things on the street there, like us jaded New Yorkers.)

I want to thank everyone who came by, everyone who bought a book, and especially the kind folks at Classics Books!

Eric, from Classics Books


Joey Avniel said...

Sounds great!
Can you please post the details for the event in NY this Friday ?

Jesse Richards said...

Sure - it's on Friday, April 23rd at 7:00pm in the Tenement Museum Bookstore, 108 Orchard St. (Lower East Side), NYC. I'll post a blog post with more details in a few days. Hope to see you there!